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Cross Roller Slewing Bearing Used for Wind Turbine

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Four-point Contact Ball Bearings, Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing, Three Row Roller Slewing Bearing, Cross Roller Slewing Bearing, Roller and Ball Slewing Bearing.

Slewing Bearing Technical Description:
Supply Range- Diameter 200-8,000mm 
Groove Hardness HRC 58-62, Depth 3-5mm, Ra0.4-0.8
Body Hardness HB 180-280
Inspection Documents – Chemical Compositions Report, Mechanical Properties Report, Heat Treatment Report, UT & MT Report, Dimensional Report
Production Process - Forging – Normalizing & Tempering – Rough Machined – Quenching & Tempering – Semi Finished Machined – Case Hardening – Grinding & Finish Machining – Assembly – Packing & Delivery
We can design as per working conditions and produce according to customer requests.