Luoyang CITICIC Industries Co.,Ltd,is located in Luoxin Industrial Park,through the demutualization in 2006, CITICIC owns the independent legal entity and the qualification of import/export. Luoyang city where is not only the center of machinery manufacturing,but also rich of oytstanding people with the honest folk custom.CITICIC has extracted the essence of machinery manufactyring and inherited the central chinese simple and honest features Henan Famous Brand "LUOYANG MINING MACHINERY PLANT.enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad.

CITICIC is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of large machinery components and non-standard machinery parts,including shafts,gears sprockets,sheaves,couplings,bearing supports,catings and forgings etc.the products are mainly used in the fields of mining,petroleum,cement,steel mill,power plant,sugar factory etc.the material of products can reach more than one hundred types,which can meet different national standards.

The core technical engineers in CITICIC all come from the domestic famous enterpriese such as CITIC Havy industries with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing, the various products from CITICIC have been already recognized by different customers. As an innovator in machinery manufacturing industry, CITICIC has stood out from the market by excellent quality, advanced facility, exquisite manufacturing process and strict testing.CITICIC has passed the certification of ISO9001-2015.

Professional and persistent, constantly striving;for perfection. CITICIC can offer the service according to customers working conditions for designing, making measurements at working site,and suggesting new material and new manufacturing process in order to improve lifespan of machinery parts.Variouslarge non-standard machinery products have been already sold to the whole China and exported to 28 countries including the Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Belgium,Spain,Australia, South Africa,and India etc.

Have the foresight, just have the future; have the vitality, just have the value. Looking back on the past days, CITICIC People live up to the history; looking ahead, all roads lead to the world!

Main products: Custom Open Die Forging, Main Shaft, Wind Power Shaft, Stabilizer, Flange, Coupling, BOP Body, Tube Plate, Roller Forging, Roller Shell, Ring Forging, Gears, Gear Blank, Gear Shaft, Gear Wheel.