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Crossed Rolled Turntable Bearing

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       The single-row cross roller slewing bearing consists of inner rings, outer ring,a single row of roller, cage and sealing devices .featuring compact structure, light weight, high precision, small assembly clearance, and it requires high installation precision. The roller is 1:1 cross aligned, which can bear the axial force, overturning torque and big radial force simultaneously, which is widely used in hoisting, transportation, construction machinery and military products.
 Advantages of our cross roller slewing bearing:
     1:Single-row cross roller slewing bearing can carry axial load , tilting moment and radial load all at the same time.
      2:The length-diameter ratio of roller is less than 1. this cause slight movement when the rollers' are running.
     3:There are integral and separate ringswhin our cross roller slewing bearings 
     4: Cage are adopted within this design in order to reduce frction between the roller and raceway.